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Get 'UnReady' With Me: Night time Skin Routine

Hi lovelies! 
As I have told you guys before, I will post my skincare routine and what products that I have been using! 
I know I have delayed this post for so long! The reason is because I'm was on my holiday and since I'm helping my mom working in the family company as well as meeting my friends in Jakarta I barely touch my notebook, really! I’m sorry for the lack of posts! 

Now since I have come back to Korea, I will start posting more so stay tuned!

Let's start shall we?

First thing first, cleaning that makeup with the right make up remover! This is my all time favorite cleansing cream because of the texture and smell! It lathers away dirt, makeup and oil but what I like about this product is that it doesn't leave my skin so dry! It also washes off every speck of dirt and makeup while leaving my skin super soft and moisturized like a lotion. I have been trying different type of cleansing cream but I have to say that I love this product the best. Some people prefer using oil type cleansing to remove their make up, though. Oil is easier to use because you don't have to wipe it off with wet tissues. Still, cleaning your face using oil is taking more time than using cream type cleansing so I usually use oil type whenever I'm not feeling lazy.

My first product will be this volcano powdery ash foam cleansing! This is actually a gift from Olive Young and I don't know if they actually sell this product because I really love this product! Even though it doesn't smells really good, this foam cleansing make your skin really smooth and make your pore smaller! I usually use this foam cleansing when I feel that my face looks dull or feeling really dry! To be honest, I didn't really pay attention to what foam cleansing that I'm using so even when this baby run out, I will probably use any foam cleansing product that available. 

The perfect cleansing foam is important but don't forget that the tool is also important! As you know, cleansing is very important to have good skin condition. 
Pobling is becoming my night time skin routine in instant! 
Pobling using the vibrate motion to remove our excessive oil and clear our pore so
it could effectively cleanse our skin, our small pores, the hardly reach place - which is the nose area! And don't worry about the brush because pobling have a really soft micro fine brush, which is super smooth you won't feeling like you are using a brush!
 Anyway since I'm not the oily skin type, I didn't use this every day since this product is supposed to make oily skin less oily! So for dry skin type like me, you guys probably only need to use this cleanser once every four days!

See more details about pobling by watching this video!

I get this mask from Olive Young too (and yes it's free!). This is actually my favorite clay mask pack because I have to say that this mask pack is actually my savior when winter comes. I am a dry skin type so my skin break out in winter time - sometimes even in summer too! - which is crazy because my make up won't looks good and it will looks cakey! So around twice a day, I'm pampering my self with this clay mask pack and it just peeling my dry skin off! My face feels really smooth!

P.S. If you can't find this anywhere, you actually can use original yogurt (the creamy texture one) and apply it on your face (use it as a face mask). They have the same result to be honest and you can find yogurt everywhere so it will be easier for you guys!

Ducray skin-lightening care is kind of my night sunblock. It has SPF 15. This light cream evens out and lightens the skin tone, especially in cases of uneven pigmentation. Skin will regains all its radiance. Enriched with mattifying and absorbent powders, so it makes an excellent make-up base. I usually only use this at night though, I rarely use this for make-up base.

The special step for extra radiant skin. Moisture prep toning lotion smooths & revitalizes allowing skin to fully optimize benefits of your moisturizer! It said that it contains vitamin E acetate, natural oat & meadowsweet, botanical extracts known to purify & smooth the skin and help reduce fine lines. It also contains a blend of aloe leaf and yeast extract, known to clarify & soothe the skin.
 Have a slight cooling effect when you apply it on your skin which is really refreshing!

 Say good-bye to dry skin and hello to "total moisture." This facial cream provides concentrated immediate & long-term hydration for a radiantly refreshed complexion. It said that it's contains mango butter, which is known to provide moisture. My skin is getting pretty rough during winter time but even on summer my skin sometimes break out too. This product help my skin rejuvenate to it's best state overnight! Must have! Too bad mine is running out already so I'm changing my moisturizer these days (since this product is kinda pricey!)

Orchid enriched cream by Innisfree is my new moisturizer and I haven't been using this for that long but I have to say that even though benefit moisturizer was good, this is equally good too! Not that pricey and great quality! The best part of this product is when your skin is getting really dry - or you are just a dry skin type like me - this product is definitely for you! It moisturize the skin over night and make your skin looks much healthier the next day! It’s also an anti-aging cream, and also helps with brightening, pore care, and tightening. A lot of benefit in this one package! How cool is that?

Skin excel - lifting effect is well, as it's written it's for lifting effect. You guys probably confused why would I using this when I'm still 20 years old. Well, you can never start the anti-aging products to early, I say. This product is actually do perceptible lifting and moisturize the skin as also smooth skin after each ampoule. 

How to use: Gently distribute the fluid over the cleansed skin. To do this, break off the top of the ampoule and wrap it in a paper tissue to protect your hands. From there, pour the entire contents into the palm of your hand and distribute it evenly over the face and neck, pressing it in gently. Ensure that the area around the eyes is left free!

You guys probably know this product so I don't think I have to explain the details. I have chapped lips (not the severe one) so I always applying this vaseline gel on my lips before I go to sleep. I have to say that this lip product is the bomb since it's really moisturize your lips and make your chapped lips gone in just one night!

For my dark eye circle, I have been using erha 21 which is not bad but not that good either. I have dark circle around my both eyes due lack of sleep everyday. Sigh... That's probably the reason why this product haven't give me any good impact yet. I'm still trying to make it work though! Guess I need to change my sleeping habit now...

I really love all of this products so much and I really recommend you guys to get one that suits you best! It's from your own self to make your skin looks good by eating a lot of fresh fruits, drink a lot of water, and avoid eating junk foods! Having good skin condition is not a dream if you really put effort of taking care of your skin so good luck girls!

Love always,
La Petite Lady

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oops anyway, i want to ask about this post. is the Pobling product sell in Indonesia and how much the price? also, did Olive Young product sell in Indonesia? bcs i much interesting with all about small-ing pores product, since my face skin look not too flawless T_T

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