Monday, November 24, 2014

Review || 3CE Glass Lip Color #403

Hi everyone! As I've promised in my post before, I am posting a new makeup review tonight! Anyway, it's fall already and soon it will be bloody cold in Korea. Thanks God, I will returned back to Indonesia by the end of December. I can't stand winter and cold weather after all.

A sneaker kind of day.

So let's get started shall we? Today I will be reviewing this product~


     Product Name | "3 Concept eyes lip color"
      in #403

Type of Product | Lip Gloss Tint

Price | KRW 17.900

I choose the shade #403 which is the glass red.

Clean and neat packaging as always.

The seal. 

When I first take a look at the product, first thing that come in my mind is how this tinted lip gloss looks like a toy. You know the one the fake lipstick that little girls have. I chuckled when I remember how I really treasure my fake lipstick back then and applying it on my lips as well. LOL. 

The swatch.
It looks really sheer and moisturizing. I just love it!

When applied on lips. Looks a bit more pinkish after I apply it on my lips and doesn't feel heavy at all I must say! As the name of the product, it's creates a glass lip color. It's perfect for the season too since it's getting colder and my chapped lips are getting worse in this season.

Anyway I use this glass lip color when I'm going to my class and just having a casual day when I just want a clean and innocent look. Looks really pretty right?
What do you think? Do you want to purchase this product?

That's it for the review! 
If there's some product you want me to review, please leave a comment below! 
I would love to hear your suggestion xx
 I hope you enjoy this review and see you guys real soon in my next post!

Love always,
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La Colombe d' Or Cafe

Hi guys! Yeah yeah I just realized I have been away for almost one whole month! I'm so so sorry! Anyway, I will post a new makeup review tonight so while waiting, why don't you read this post first? It will be a quite short one so sit back and enjoy!

Yes, as the title mention, I went to this La Colombe cafe around a month ago. The weather was really nice though, remembering today was very gloomy and raining as well. I have so much energy to do cafe hopping and not procrastinating as much as I'm currently doing when the weather are warm. But as soon as it become colder, I becoming one lazy bear. 

I love the vintage and metro vibe in this cafe. Really cozy! Don't you think so?

For the dessert, I choose the red bean and green tea cake. Taste okay but not really my cup of tea though.


Just a simple red sweater and black skort.

Let's go to the second floor shall we?

And this is the third floor. Not much different with the first and second floor. But I really  like the homey feeling in this cafe. I wonder how it will looks like in the afternoon though...

The owner really like cats, I guess? She own 2 cats and both of them are sleepy head! Ah... I envy them who didn't have any exam and any assignment...

Well, anyway that's it! I hope you enjoy this blog post and see you in the next blog post - soon! 

Love always,
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