Monday, November 24, 2014

La Colombe d' Or Cafe

Hi guys! Yeah yeah I just realized I have been away for almost one whole month! I'm so so sorry! Anyway, I will post a new makeup review tonight so while waiting, why don't you read this post first? It will be a quite short one so sit back and enjoy!

Yes, as the title mention, I went to this La Colombe cafe around a month ago. The weather was really nice though, remembering today was very gloomy and raining as well. I have so much energy to do cafe hopping and not procrastinating as much as I'm currently doing when the weather are warm. But as soon as it become colder, I becoming one lazy bear. 

I love the vintage and metro vibe in this cafe. Really cozy! Don't you think so?

For the dessert, I choose the red bean and green tea cake. Taste okay but not really my cup of tea though.


Just a simple red sweater and black skort.

Let's go to the second floor shall we?

And this is the third floor. Not much different with the first and second floor. But I really  like the homey feeling in this cafe. I wonder how it will looks like in the afternoon though...

The owner really like cats, I guess? She own 2 cats and both of them are sleepy head! Ah... I envy them who didn't have any exam and any assignment...

Well, anyway that's it! I hope you enjoy this blog post and see you in the next blog post - soon! 

Love always,
La Petite Lady

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Chelovanka Graciella said...

nice photos! and you are so pretty :)


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