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So if you are a big fan of Korean makeup products, you probably have heard about the newest LANEIGE X PLAY NO MORE collaboration this summer. 

I've been saving my money to get these babes and I've finally bought them! Here I am to review these products for you guys! (I know I've been away for such a long time but hey! I'm back!)

Looking at these pictures, I can imagine you girls screaming inside your heart. How can you resist such an adorable products! I bet you guys want to purchase all of them but I have to say the price is really bad for your heart. When I was purchasing these, I can hear the sound of my money flying away. 

I'm actually never use Laneige products before. I know the price is a little bit expensive and I already so used to using Innisfree or IOPE cushion all these years. I don't even bother using another brand BB cushion since I think it's just gonna be a waste of money.

Btw, I did my nail (by myself). Turns out okay! Tried to matching the nail art with the theme of the post today, Play No More character! What do you think?


Okay. First I purchase this BB Cushion #13. I usually use #21 for IOPE and #13 for Innisfree BB Cushion. Always ask for help because sometimes the shade for BB cushion for each brand is slightly different! 

At first, I'm a little bit worried that it might be oilier than IOPE cushion but it turns out to be less oily. Since it's summer, I want cushion with a good coverage and not that oily. Summer in Korea is pretty hot so your face tend to look super oily. In that case, you can just use Oily control powder after you use BB compact in the summer so your skin looks soft and moistureless!) 

₩ 27.000

Next one is mascara! I got #1 Black. 
I have to say, I'm loving it. These days, I don't really use mascara. I just do 1 layer of mascara to create clean make up look. Just to brighten up my eyes and complexion. 

After 1 layer of mascara! Love how it make my lashes longer and pretty!

From the front. The mascara is buildable but I like to apply just one layer of mascara for innocent and clean look! It all depends on your preference after all! 

For the tint they have 10 different shades. I really want to have it all but my wallet is screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" so I have to purchase only 2 and my choice are...


No.4 Custard Coral
No. 8 Maple Red

The first one will be Maple Red. It's Reddish Pink and really buildable. This shade of tint is really strong so I apply it by making a gradation effect. The color is super pretty! I'm a sucker for red color tint/lipstick!

Swatch on the lips.

I feel that this shade of color making me look more mature and kinda having the "mean girl" look. Probably just my imagination but I really recommend this shade!

Here's some shameless pictures of me while using the Maple Red shade.

And this one will be Custard Coral. I think for those who wants innocent and soft look this one is the right choice of shade! It's not too strong but still bring the best out of the shade itself.

Just more shameless pictures of me using the Custard Coral shade.

I just think my image change every time I change my lip color. I just gotta love lip products! Which one do you prefer? Custard Coral or Maple Red? Leave a comment below! xx

Last but not least, my 3rd years anniversary gift from boyfie. I've been loving Play No More character these days, he decided to bought one bag for me! Super adorable!

See you in the next post! Hope you're enjoying this one!

Love always,
La Petite Lady

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