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3 CONCEPT EYES Skin tone control primer, Glossing waterful foundation, Lip marker and Gel eye liner review!

Hi guys! New beauty review post for you guys today and I will review 4 "3 Concept Eyes" make up products in one post. Are you excited??? Because I am!

I actually already took the photos and trying out the products back in Indonesia but as you guys know the internet speed is pretty... awful. So I just have the chance to post this beauty review. Let's start shall we?

Today as I stated in the title, I will reviewing 3 Concept Eyes Skin Tone Control Primer, 3 Concept Eyes Glossing Waterful Foundation, 3 Concept Eyes Lip Marker, 3 Concept Eyes Gel Liner. 

The first item will be


Product Name | "Skin Tone Control Primer"
               in #PURE VIOLET

Type of Product | Face Primer

Price | KRW 22.000

I actually bought 2 shades of this primer which are mild peach and pure violet, but I will review this one first! They actually have 3 shades, the other one is ice vanilla!

 Style Nanda wrote in the description of this product that,
"This primer helps foundation adhere better on skin and lengthens the longevity of the foundation. Moreover, it gives a brighter skin tone so that you can have a better finish."

Left - with Pure Violet primer | Right - Bare
Can you spot the difference?

I'm agree that it kinda giver you a brighter skin tone but I disagree about it lengthens the longevity of the foundation. I think it didn't really keep my make up in a good condition after 3 hours of application, especially in the nose area! Cat's wink primer from Tony Moly have better quality than Style Nanda's. It's kinda disappointing. But I kinda find the trick to help this primer make your make up last long! Which is you have to mix this primer with another primer that have long lasting effect (like Porefessional primer from Benefit). It works better!

When applied on my skin. You can still see the blemishes and my freckles but it did give me a brighter skin tone!

By the way did you wonder why they have 3 shades of primer?
Well, each primer have different purpose. 

Let me show you the color guide!

Apply skin care such as moisturizer and sunscreen. Then, place primer on face by using a makeup brush or sponge! (I usually just use my hand to apply it though!)
Pat on lightly for a smooth finish.

If you want a natural skin tone, you should applying it by using a sponge. But if you want a brighter skin tone, you should applying it by using a brush.

The second item will be


      in #MILK IVORY

Type of Product | Water Foundation

Price | KRW 28.000

If you realize, most of my makeup looks are dewy makeup. I didn't like powdery finish since I think it looks cakey. This product really have high level of moist (which I really need since I am a dry skin type), I just loved how it blends easily with my skin with no caked face effect and it also gives me a glossy , healthy looking face that looks flawless! Oh, the important thing is this foundation doesn't contain glitter particles, it just pulls out the natural glow from your own skin with moist! That's why by using this foundation, you can have a healthier and younger looking skin! The only thing that I didn't like about this product didn't have that long lasting power. When I first applied it, it does looks flawless and all but after a few hours (like around 3 hours), the foundation in my nose and mouth area just gone.... which is creeping me out lol. It happens even though I'm using my Porefessional primer from Benefit (which really have a great long lasting power). I still need to work this out though...

P.S. Anyway, did you know that your skin ages faster if too much make up is applied? If you use foundation with light texture and high level of moist, it will really help your skin!

They actually have 4 shades and mine is milk ivory! If you decided to purchased this product make sure you check the color guide before purchasing!

Flawless and healthy looking face! Please don't mind the hair cap lol. I really like wearing my hair cap when applying my make up since it get my hair out of the way! 

1. Always applying some skin care or base makeup first before applying your foundation/bb cream/cc cream since it will make your make up looks flawless and last longer!
2. Shake and mix well before using the foundation.
3. Apply small amounts on wide areas first and spread it outwards.
4. If you don't like the dewy make up look, make sure you apply some powder because this look is highly moist! 

Because of it's light texture, it "obviously" can't cover up your flaws and blemishes as well as dark circles (like me, sigh...) perfectly like other thick foundation. So if you are worrying about blemishes you should probably use concealer. Don't apply too much foundation! It will turns out cakey! Oh also don't rely on foundation for covering up pores. Use a pore primer as a base at first, then use the foundation.

The third item will be


Product Name | "Gel Eye Liner"
                   in #BLACK

Type of Product | Gel Eye Liner

Price | KRW 12.000

I have to say that I'm not a fan of eye liner. I'm just too lazy to apply it on and my boyfriend didn't really like me using eyeliner because he thing it's kinda scary lol. So yeah you can say I'm being impulsive for buying this gel eyeliner. I used to owned one gel eyeliner from Maybeline, end up giving it out to my sister hahaha. Anyway, the texture of this eyeliner is creamy and have a smooth texture! Even though Style Nanda stated that this gel eyeliner is waterproof, it's still smudged on my eyes and turns out making me looks like Panda. Well, they giving out the eyeliner brush too but it's kinda too fat for my liking (I like my eyeliner brush as skinny as Korean girl groups :P). Over all, not my favorite gel eyeliner. I still prefer the gel eyeliner from Maybeline. 

And this is what it looks like when I applied it on my eyes. Sorry, I can't draw eyeliners perfectly guys! I will probably do better next time (maybe?) hahaha

And the last product will be


Product Name | "Lip Marker"
                    in #RED

Type of Product | Lip tint in a marker

Price | KRW 15.000

I have to say when I applying this product for the first time, I'm kinda happy with the result! It didn't leaving a sticky feeling and it have long lasting color as well. Not forgetting that I thought this product will make my lips chapped like crazy but it's not! The only thing that breaks my heart is when I apply it for the third time, the tint just kinda dried up and the color didn't even show up OMG! Such a disappointment! I have to wait for a few more days until the tint kinda show up but still didn't feel the same as the first time I applied this product. The color didn't looks as vivid and yeah, just not that recommended! I wish there're some button that will let the tint flow out or something! :( 

Anyway they have 3 shades for this product which are red, pink and orange. I personally really had this thing for red color lip products. 

When applied on my lips. Have a natural stain effect!

And of course selfies after applying those 4 products on my face! How do I look? 

Tell me which one of these products that you want to give a try and why? Can't wait to read all of your opinion! 

Love always,
La Petite Lady

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himesarah5 said...

You have a great skin and you are so pretty! I love how you use products and showing us how it works.

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ぶりち ろり said...

oh my you are so pretty ~ XD
and your face doesn't look scary at all when using eyeliner LOL
great review btw :D

following you XD
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Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear himesarah5, awww thankyou! I will do better next time! And I have visited your blog! Love it! xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Thank you so much for the compliment! I didn't usually wear eyeliner so I feel really awkward hehe! Love your blog anyway! So cute xx

Francisca Dione said...

You are sooo pretty!
Your skin so flawless, can you share the secret of it?
And I've read your article about your diet program, but can you share the secret about it, you used a little bit chubby, but now you are soo petite and cute..!
You have a great personality too, I followed you instagram account, and I know you always give a sweet comments to your friends and I adore you very much! I always wanted to be your friends too..

Have a nice day, and I have a blog too, , maybe you can visit it and give some comments since I am a newbie, and if you don't mind, maybe you want to follow me? hehe XD

Can't wait for another great article from you! <3

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Fransisca, Aww thankyou for the sweet comments! I have visited yours! Love your blog and keep up the good work xx

Filia said...

Cycy omg kamu hebat banget 4 product satu post!! 대다나다! hehehe <3 Your skin is soooo flawlessssssss gila kayak mochiiiiiii hihihi so envious of your skin bae!

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