Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Girls talk: Friend of Foe?

Hi guys! 
Not as my previous blog post about make up review or restaurant/cafe review, today we're going to have girls talk! 

(For those who want to suggest what's should we discuss in the next girls talk post, simply leave a comment below! xx)

And today we will talk about Friend or Foe?

How to deal when your friend put you down?
How to deal when your friends is talk behind you or backstabbing you?
Is this friend is your true friend?
Or perhaps do you do any of this?

Yes, it definitely sucks to be back-stabbed. NOBODY likes that. I think it's something that we've all been there before. But the good news is, even if you are such a sweet person, kind to everybody, you will still having people saying mean things about you. That's just the nature of people (or must I say, the nature of girls lol)
People just talked about you regardless. You'd be surprised how many people are fake and pretentious near you. 

But now since I'm in my twenties, things are different now. I treat things and deal with things with a lot more mature way but back in my teen years (I feel so old already hahahaha) if I would have heard someone talking about me, backstabbing me, OH MY GOSH! I will switch to "Drama Queen" mode (I didn't act very mature in my teen years - well most teen do stupid things. I just made things worse instead of better). I would go around and talking about it to my friends, hoping to get some sympathy and hoping them to be on my side and being just super dramatic about it. 

BUT! Before you go into this crazy mode, there's actually some thing to think about!
If you heard from B that A's saying bad things about you and B's heard it from C and so on and so on. Well, where does this source come from? It's coming from a source, from a source, from a source. Which is not trustworthy, I must say. How much can you rely on that gossip? How do you know that people don't make up the stories? How do you know that this isn't misunderstanding? 

To be honest, we are all guilty of this you know. Let's be honest, we've done it before. Who are we to judge now? Sometimes we just talk for the sake of talking because we are bored and it's just for easy for words to just come out of your mouth without even thinking. 

Words can be super super hurtful and they actually said that words is one of the world's most powerful weapons. And yet, many people just blast words out of their mouth without even thinking.

If the one's who's talking about you not even a close friend of yours, like 
I'm not even being bothered about it, you know. Who has all the time in the world to go around correcting other people and how they should think of them? Why would you care on someone thought of you when they barely even know you? (What people say isn't always the truth!) It's their own problem so just do your own thing.

From my perspective, I had some "friends" saying things about me as well. And it's not words that I really want to hear but did I confront them? Nooooo. Because I didn't think there's a need to. Honestly what's really matter is what you think of yourself. I would be careful around this person on what would I say around them, you know. I'll be careful and not trust them so much. 

Now, is the person who's saying stuff about you is a close friend of yours or someone's that's is special to you, it's gonna sucks so so soooooo much. Hmmm, how I will deal with it... I mean, if this is like a really close friend of yours - like really special to you - I think you need to confront this person. Don't let PRIDE or EGO in the way. Don't go around telling people, just pick one person that you trust and talk to this person, get different perspective on what they think. Because like I said before it could be a big misunderstanding. When a friendship is valued, there's TRUST and UNDERSTANDING

Most important question to ask yourself is, Is this friend bring out the best in you? If this person makes you sad more than happy, maybe you can do without them. 

Don't disguise being a BAD FRIEND with fake concern.
You should always treat someone how you want to be treated. You should always treat someone with respect. There's a reason why you've got 2 ears and 1 mouth. Because you are supposed to listen more and talk less. So, before you say something, you really have to ask yourself "are my words going to build or destroy?" 

To save yourself from the unnecessary drama, when your friends are talking about other people don't join in. Just stay quiet or just talk about something else. 

Honestly we have bigger things to deal with everyday in our life. So why hold on to the resentment? Let things go and do yourself a favor and forgive :)

Not everybody in this world is going to love me or even like me and that's totally fine! Just let the small people do their talking.
Keep smiling and chin up!

Love always,
La Petite Lady

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Andrea Hamdan said...

Like the things that you've always said to me, never take care of that kind of person, it just will go like that over and over. Thankyou for your "girls talk ci cycy. It helps me a lot >_<


annabelle said...

hi there, may I know did you make all the animation in this blog by yourself? :DD just want to know. thank you =]]

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