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제3회 부산 낙동강 유채꽃축제 - Busan Flower Festival (and how to get there)

Hello guys! 

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Now let's moving on to today main topic!
So last week on Friday when I was teaching my Korean students (It's called language tutorial class), one of my student tell me about this flower festival and I was like "Isn't the cherry blossom festival already ended?" 
Well, I just realized that spring is not only the season for cherry blossom but also 유채꽃 (Yu chae kkot) which I thought this flower is only blooming in Jeju Island! I don't know what's the flower name in English but 유채 means "rape" in Korean so it's funny when you translate the flower name it's become "rape blossoms". HAHAHA okay sorry for my random thought.

If you don't know what's 유채꽃 looks like, here let me show you a picture.

What a pretty little thing ♥♥♥

And actually one of my Korean friend doing 1 minute sketch for her project (the same class that I took this semester, we are in the same major) which is really nice so I decided to show you guys her video too!


Ahhh, watching this video makes me feel warmth at heart... I don't know why though hahaha.

But if you want to come to Korea and you are going to visit Busan at April around 12th or something, you should probably put this place on your lise!
It's called 대저생태공원! (DaeJoSaengTaeGongWon or DaeJoSaengTae Park)
How to get there? You just need to take a MRT (or you can call it Metro), it's super quick and easy as well!

At first you need to get to "강서구청역" (Gangseo-gu Office station) it's on the line no.1

When you arrived at the station, you don't have to worry if you come at the right time for the flower festival because there will be some guidance for direction! (Even though it's in Korean...)
You just have to take elevator and go down to the lowest floor (I don't really remember but I'm sure it's the lowest floor!)

And when you get out from the station you will see this poster posted on the street and you just have to follow the arrow (or you can just following some random Koreans because they probably heading there as well!)

Me and my boyfriend find the place really quick because there are so many clues which is a really good things if you are a foreigner and you can't speak Korean!

This is the entrance, the field is extremely wide and also fulls of flowers! 
Flower heaven!

And now it's time for some narcism photos! Bear with me everyone! hahahaha

Field of yellow

Candid by boyfie! Hahahaha 

By the way, me and my boyfie really likes doing our couple matching outfit so this is our outfit of the day for last Saturday! (You will see more more clearly about this outfit in the bottom of this post)
Looks like a prewed photos, eh? Some people have been telling me that lol

This two pictures looks like he just saved me from something and the I fell in love with him :P hahahaha

I'm still not exactly sure how we met. I mean, I know how we met. I just can't stop thinking about the various events that led to us meeting, and how we came really close to never knowing each other at all. You've told me that I caught your eye immediately. You compliment me, as if you're speaking a new language. Something I've never heard before. Yet I still don't accept it. It's like my mind is clouded with all sorts of negative things, pessimism, depression, cynicism, anxiety, and you're driving an airplane through that fog, making it all disperse. Every single day, I awake with the same dilemma on my mind. The dilemma of being in love, and not being able to explain that to the one you love. Sure, I've told you that I love you, but that's not enough. It'll never be enough until you fully understand the impact you've had on me. You know that I've had heartbreak in the past, and you cautiously handle my heart with the gentlest of hands. You also know of my intense mood swings and my manic depression, and I don't know if you think about that when you talk to me, but you seem to be able to work around that quite effectively. But one thing you should know is that even though my feelings aren't static, or constant, my love and appreciation for you surpasses the day, the night; hell, time itself. You're more important than time to me. Is that flattering, or what? To put this whole thing into simpler terms: I'd say on a scale from 1 to 10... I love you a whole damn lot

My outfit post of the day xx Girlish and flowery as well!

One of my favorite snaps of the day!

Walking through these flowers are harder than you think! Of course there are bees too!!! I hate bugs so much so I was freaked out when I saw there are a lots of bees dancing around :(
But in the end I didn't care about them at all because I'm just TOO EXCITED!

Oh by the way, somebody ask me "do you prefer the kiss on your head or the kiss on your lips?"
Well, I don't think I have to answer that one. Just look at this photo and I guess you will understand.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Another couple snapshots.
We use tripod and timer to took our couple photos most of the times.

Can I stay forever?

Take my hand, I'll take the lead

And every turn will be safe with me

Don't be afraid, afraid to fall

You know I'll catch you threw it all

I just want to squeeze them because they are just too adorable!!!

And just some random candid by boyfie♥

And here's our couple looks. White jeans jacket, green bottom (skirts and jeans) and red shoes

After me and boyfie spend quite a lot of time in the flower field, we decided to get up to the highway. Yes, HIGHWAY!

One of the reason is because he want to take pictures from up there and here it is to show you how wide and spacious is the flower field!

 Well, that's it for today post! It's quite long eh? Next week is my mid term exam week so I'm probably won't blogging at all so this week I will try my best to post some good stuff! (the one you guys always requested about like, how I lost my weight and etc) 

Btw, what's your favorite shoes? Mine would be this at the moment! :)

See you in the next post! Leave a comment about what you want me to do next! 

Love always,
Petite Little Lady

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Dara Maharani said...

So sweet dear, you're so cute too :)
Loveeee <3

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Dara Maharani, Thank you! xx

Chelovanka Graciella said...

Interesting photos! Mind to follow each other on ig? :-)


Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Chelovanka Graciella, Thanks for reading but I'm sorry I only follow people that I know on Instagram or some inspirational account! Hope you understand xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Chelovanka Graciella, Thanks for reading but I'm sorry I only follow people that I know on Instagram or some inspirational account! Hope you understand xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Dara Maharani, Thank you! xx

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