Monday, April 28, 2014

It's your day!

"Dear boyfriend,"
Your smile is comforting. It doesn't shine radiantly and the heavens don't roll behind you. You smell like you, but I wouldn't compare it to roses or anything. You laugh and I can hear all the good come out of you, but there is never church bells ringing in the background. You're human, and you have the same amount of flaws I would expect that I have. Happy Birthday. I will always love you. Now and until forever ends.

Hey guys! I know that I've been away for a good one week. And it's because of my mid term. Oh, I really stressed out last week. It feels like I have lost thousands of hairs during the mid term week, no joking. But well, let's don't dwell on the past! I've done my best so I guess there's no regret! 

Now now... You guys told me to write about how I lost my weight and how did I met my boyfriend which basically will took quite a lot of time to write! It's on process by now, so thank you for those who wait patiently! But today, I won't post about those topic because it's still not finished yet! I'm so sorry! I will try to post it as soon as possible!

What's I'm going to write about today is about my boyfriend's birthday at 29th April. Wait... 29th April is tomorrow so why do I make the birthday post the day before his birthday? Actually, he work in Ulsan which is 2 hours away from Busan and I can't celebrate his birthday on the exact date. That's why I came up with the idea to celebrate it 2-3 days earlier. Well, actually I had a really hard time to find a cute surprise idea but I can't find one. And this semester all those presentations, homework, and documentary project are killing my free time, really. In the end, I'm thinking of doing a little surprise party in his home. I basically called his mom 3 weeks before the surprise and we planning to surprise him in the morning. But so many things goes wrong. I'm intended to go to his home at 9 a.m but suddenly he told me that he's going out at 9 to cut his hair. So I change the plan, I wake up at 6 and took a bus at 7. It took me 1 hour to arrived at his home so I arrived at 8 a.m. The funniest thing is that when I wake up at 6 a.m, I saw my Kakao talk notification from my boyfriend. He send me a message but I already fall asleep so I just read it  in the morning. My boyfriend know that I always wake up quite late. Around 8 or 9 o'clock. So I just read the message and didn't reply it. But a few minutes after I read his text, he suddenly send me a new text "Good Morning!", which scares me to death! I was like super panic!!! So in the end, I didn't read the message and just went to his home lol When I arrive at his home, I'm trying to lit up the candles but it didn't works!!! I don't know why but I'm too frustrated so I give up and went into his home. When I'm entered his room, he is shirtless. Yes, SHIRTLESS. HAHAHAHA. I was worried he might heard the doors open but fortunately he didn't because he's playing games at the times so he's using headphones. 
Let me show you the video that I took when I surprise him :P

He was shirtless so that's why he is really shy and suddenly roll himself in his blanket lol

I was really happy because I thought my plan works!!! He didn't know it's coming! 


He just suddenly call me and told me to hear a voice note in his phone.

"Dear, I just want to say I know that you are going to surprise me this morning. Do you know why? Because you have a pure heart and you always have this kind of look when you are going to do something, I just knew. And I like that about you, I like that you are predictable and pure. I know that you are going to be sad if I told you this but I can't help it because you are so lovable and that's one of your charm. So, thank you and I love you."

When I heard this voice note I was crying. A lot. Hahahaha. I am a cry baby. He was shocked too to see that I'm crying while hearing his voice note. I don't exactly know why I cried too. He even jokingly said that "Isn't this is my birthday?? Why are you the one who cry?" Maybe it's because he know me so much. Way much better that I know myself. And that he's still thankful for every little thing that I do for him. 

Moving on!
After I wipe those tears, we all ready to have some breakfast. And honestly, his mom make the best Korean food I have ever taste! I just love home made foods!!!
Looks healthy and taste good as well!

Before we start eating, we decided to took a few photos lol
The birthday boy with his parents as well!

Really thankful for my boyfriends parents. Well, there are a lot of Korean parents who dislike their son or daughter dating foreigners. But they didn't and they treat me like their own daughter. Despite of my poor korean skills they are still really nice to me. It just feels like I have a second family in Korea.

The cake for the birthday boy! It's 정항우 케익 (JONGHANGWOO Cake) which is quite popular in Korea. Now, I know the reason why. It taste so good like it's just melting in your mouth really! #Cakegasm!

And time to sing the birthday song as well as blow the candle!

We had our breakfast and have a little chit chat. My boyfriend goes to work for a while and I'm waiting at his home with his parents. And at night we just watched "DIVERGENT" movie which was UH-MAZING! I wish I can watch them for hundred of times!!! Highly recommended! 

So the first day just ended like that. Let's moving on to the second day which is, Sunday.

For this second day I'm trying to book some fine dining restaurant in Busan but damn there are a lot of problem while I'm trying to book these restaurant. 1 of them are closed for business, 1 of them are full booked, 1 of them changed into another restaurant, and the last one is on renovation. It's pretty crazy and hectic. How can my top 4 restaurants choices are impossible to book for my boyfriend's birthday?!

And when I almost lost hope, I found a restaurant but unfortunately it's quite far and you should go there by car since it's located so high. I think, screwed that. I will find the way for us to get there. There are buses, subway, taxi in Korea so I am sure that we can make it there. 

So off we go, we took the bus and we have to exchange to another village bus that took us around one and a half hour to reach the district where the restaurant is. But the area is really broad and we have to do a little hiking to reach the restaurant. Thanks God, It didn't raining that day. But it was quite windy and my hair looks like a mess when we arrived there. It took around 25 minutes by walking I guess? 

This is the restaurant we went to and you can also the amazing view from up here! (You also have to book a table if you want to come here so at least book it 2 or 3 weeks before the D-date!)
And also don't forget a glass of red wine to sum it up!  *wink*

A classy and elegant interior inside COTTAGE restaurant.

So we get inside and choosing what to eat for lunch!

And we decided to eat lunch set B and C.

Now get ready for some #foodporn and #foodgasm :P

I won't lie. This is probably one of the most delicious bread I have ever taste in my life. Hands up!

Salmon graviax with white wine vinaigrette.

Mixed garden greens with assorted wild mushroom. The mushroom is very chewy and have a really great aroma to it. I have to pick this one as the best dish out of the course!

Bell-pepper soup. I'm not a fan of bell-pepper but this is quite legit! So delicious!

Pasta with seasonable anchovy (from Gi-Jang).oil 

Seppia pasta with seafood cream sauce

Char-grilled wagyu tri-tip steak

Char-grilled Korean beef tenderloin steak

 Pistachio cream brulee

Citrus olive oil cake with orange jelly and vanilla ice cream

And of course we also took some narcissism photos lol

The birthday boy!

Just busy updating here and there lol

That face though when the food finally came out and as always I just have to took some photos :P


And now it's time for (second) birthday cake to come out! image

Happy birthday my love

And a video of us! Well it's basically just I'm saying that today is my boyfriend birthday and he was like "Hey, no that's not true! My birthday is still in two days!" hahahaha 

And of course my birthday present for him

Really glad that he love the watch♥

After we done eating, we decided to took some pictures in the terrace because it was quite sunny!

Simple OOTD!

 And on our way back home, we also decided to stop by to took more photos because the view are just too pretty to be missed! *wink*

Our couple OOTD, blue because we are spending the day in the ocean ;)

As usual our couple photos! (The proper one)

And the not so proper one lol This is really candid!

Boyfriend made a ring from wild flowers for me. This little sweet thing that he do is just 
Not even a diamond ring can replace this beautiful thing!

A proper OOTD shot!

Showing off my flower rings :P

 And that's a wrap! I know it's a very long post so thanks for bearing with all my babbling! I hope you enjoy this post and see you guys on my next post. Leave a comment below what do you think about my (failed) attempt to throw my boyfriend's birthday surprise? Do you have any sweet surprise memories on your birthday? Would love to hear your story too! xx

Love always,
Petite Little Lady

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FILIA P said...

Cycy omg you're very pretty in all the pictures your boyfie took O_O very very!! TT_TT envy of you cy very unyu ga tau lagi! haha

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Filia P, Thank youuu so much ci pilichi! That's just so sweet of you! Hugs&kisses xx

Anonymous said...

You both are such a cute couple :)
I love how you try to write in very specified details but um I just want to point out that you often miss out on the grammatical rules :(
it is somehow frustrating to read your story when you were being so negligent to the proper English use.
I am not trying to criticise you on this, but sometimes it's rather ironic to see how people nowadays tend to be abusive on English. This is like killing the beautiful essence of English as a narrative language.
Regardless, yours is still a beautiful story! I just hope that you can be more careful on this :)
Have a nice day!

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear anonymous, I realized that I often miss out on the grammatical rules because I‘m not that good in English as you can see. I will try to improve. Well people make mistakes and english is not my narrative language but still thank you for the nice comment! Have a nice day ahead! xx

Fransisca Oktaviani said...

Thanks for sharing.
Love your love story :)
Im Piccha

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Fransisca Oktaviani, thank you♥

Anonymous said...

Dear Cynthia,

I really enjoy reading your surprise party for your boyfriend. It is so good to see that your boyfriend know you so well. Even you also mentioned that sometimes you didn't get to know yourself as good as him.

You might considered it's a fail surprised, but I think it's just so sweet of you. I hope someday later I could make a birthday surprise party for my boyfriend. Long last for cute lovely couple ;) both of you must be so lucky to have each other around.



Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear JC, Thank you so much for the nice comment! Hope you find your prince charming soon xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear JC, Thank you so much for the nice comment! Hope you find your prince charming soon xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Fransisca Oktaviani, thank you♥

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear anonymous, I realized that I often miss out on the grammatical rules because I‘m not that good in English as you can see. I will try to improve. Well people make mistakes and english is not my narrative language but still thank you for the nice comment! Have a nice day ahead! xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Filia P, Thank youuu so much ci pilichi! That's just so sweet of you! Hugs&kisses xx

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