Sunday, October 5, 2014

Color your soul with passion

Hi everyone! Today will be a very short post so stay tuned okay?
My mid term exam is coming and with tons of project to do in such a short time, I almost got no time to blogging. Please bear with me!

Anyway, have you guys heard about HARU SPRING PROJECT? 

Ha-ru Spring Project is the new colors of fashion and home decor, inspired by the colorful and hopeful one fine spring day in Korea.
Tagline: Color your soul with passion!

About Ha-ru Spring Project :

We love colors. We love sunshine. We love the creative vibes pulsated from the first sip of passionately brewed coffee. We love the lively sound of the splashing waves and the chattering seagulls. We love subtle floral scents in the air. That is how one fine day in the spring feels like.

Unlike in English or bahasa, "a day" or "1 (one) day" in Korean has a specific term, which is 하루 [read: ha-ru]. A day is the shortest cycle in our life, when a morning gets repeated by another morning on the next day. But each day tells its own story, just like each season carries its own message. Spring season brings us a new hope. Spring is the most colorful season that every creature on earth looks forward to. As if unshaken by the rough winter, new fresh leaves bud out, flowers blossom, and birds sing in the early spring to mark a new beginning. 

It is the 하루 Spring Project's dream to pass along this spring passion to your daily routine through ordinary stuffs around us. A routine does not always have to come in a same color. So why don't surround ourselves with the happy colors? And let's each of us be the next "haru-ers" to spread out the sensation to others.

Currently they focus on fashion and accessories items. They are the main seller of Rabito, the uniquely designed bunny phone case brand from Korea. Recently they launched their own Haru bracelets line that bursts happy colors through materials sourced from several countries.

Color your soul with passion... starting today!

If you are interested about HARU SPRING PROJECT, you can check them out here:

Anyway, the owner of haru spring project kindly design 3 bracelets that represent me!

It's called Rain (비) bracelet. 
They use pink and pastel colors that I personally like, also some beads that are not so plain.

The one is named Dream (꿈). The owner said that when she is thinking about which color suits me, She keeps thinking that yellow looks good on me. Think it is partly because I was wearing yellow top in some of my posts. Also, yellow shines and speaks loud about being young and cheerful! 
Anyway the charms were picked to tell a bit of story.

 pink gingerbread
 when we are still a little girl, we like cute pinky dolly kinda stuffs, like this pink gingerbread.

as we grow up, we start to have some dreams

 blue diamond and flower
 this is the time when our dreams come true, be it marrying our true soul-mate or simply being happy about our life.

And last but not least, this bracelet called peach lemonade! The colors are as catchy as it name, doesn't it?

So here's more photo of me wearing this beautiful bracelet!




Over all, I'm really loving these beautiful pieces! I can just wear them everyday, seriously! 

That's all for today! Next blog post will be longer I promise!
Now, I really need some sleep...

Love always,
La Petite Lady

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gabrielatio said...

Waaa gelangnya lucu-lucu~ <3

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Gabrielatio, iaaaa lucu2 mmg gelangnyaaa <3 xx

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