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Charlie Brown Themed Cafe in Busan, Korea

Hello guys!
Someone requested for me to post a cute cafe themed and I decided to write this post for you guys today! image

As you can see in the title, today we will be visiting~~


Yes yes, you read it right! Who didn't know Charlie Brown? image
If you didn't know who is Charlie Brown, let me explain!

Charlie Brown is the main character in the world-famous Peanuts comic strip & TV special, written and illustrated by Charles M. Schultz. Charlie Brown is the lovable loser that captured readers’ (and apparently also café designers’) hearts with his witty words and never-ending hope in a life filled with misadventures.

Well, actually all these pictures were taken almost 2 years ago when me and my boyfriend just start dating! image
Well, I know time flies huh? So probably some things change in the cafe? 

I don't know... image

Let me stop all the talking and let's take a look into this adorable cafe shall we?

The Charlie Brown Themed Café is a charming café where everything, and I mean everything, is decorated with Charlie Brown and his friends’ faces! Sooooo adorable right? image

The counter where you can order your drink! I didn't really remember what I ordered since it's already 2 years ago lol. But it's not their signature dessert or drink so that's just sad. But if you want to know what their signature dessert or drink looks like, here what it looks like! image

|Courtesy of Google|

The Snoopy Chocolate brownie and their signature drink with decoration picture on it

Awww it's a shame that me and my boyfriend didn't give it a try back then. We were actually just ate buffet when we went to this cafe that time and probably because it was our second date - and I was shy hahaha! - I act like I didn't want to eat any more dessert. Well, now I regret it! image

 If we went there today, I would probably order them! Would love to give it a try the next time we come here so I will keep you updatedimage

P.S. If you order their signature drink but you don’t like the standard decoration picture that comes with that drink, ask them to change it! They have no problem with that. Keep that in mind guys imageimage

Oh for those who haven't been to Korea, you probably didn't know what is that black thingy on the left. In Korea, most of the coffee shop are self service. And that black device will vibrate as a reminder to take your order in the counter. You just have to bring that black device, go up to the counter, take your order and that's it! image

This is what we ordered back then! Sigh... I wish I can turn back the time and order their signature menu instead! image

Adorable photo spot! image

Adorable miniatures along the staircase! image

Look at the ceiling! Isn't it beautiful? image


How to get to the Charlie Brown Themed Café in BUSAN, South Korea:


위치 : 부산대인근
Address : 부산시 금정구 장전동 312-38번지
Hours : 11:00 ~ 23:00
Phone Number : 051-516-5556

How to get there: From Exit 3 of PNU Station, walk until the alley before the next major road. Head left down that alley and then immediately right.


위치 : 센텀시티역 부근
Address : 부산시 해운대구 우동 1511 센텀다이아몬드빌딩 10층
Hours : 10:00 ~ 21:00
Phone Number : 051-743-7279

How to get to the Charlie Brown Themed Café in SEOUL, South Korea:


How to get there: There is actually another Charlie Brown Themed Café in Seoul. It is at the Incheon Airport. Even though it is not on the airport map, you’ll be able to find it on the 3rd floor near Gate 12. 
(P.S. The Charlie Brown themed cafe in Incheon is not a sit-down cafe.) image

Well, that's it for today! image
Hope you guys enjoyed it and happy reading!

Love always,
La Petite Lady

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Lori said...

Oh cute post. I love Charlie Brown. Some good memories!
Btw I like your
blog and fashion sense, maybe wanna follow each other via GFC? Just let me know
and I’ll follow right back.

xx Lori

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Lori, thank you for reading! And yes I already followed you via GFC! Mind to follow me back? xx

Rosalinda said...

This is so cute! I went to Charlie Brown Cafe in Singapore, but it didn't impress. The one in Korea looks amazing!


Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Rosalinda, this is indeed such an adorable cafe! But most of them have already closed down so it's really hard to find them these days. When you come to Korea, make sure to visit them! xx

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