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Hello there! It's been the most productive day of the week since I have to pack all of my stuff by tomorrow. Well, yes guys! I'm going home!!! (Filia's also coming back to Indonesia this summer break on Mid July but I will be leaving next week!)

As I have told you guys before, today I will posted the part two of our collaboration post! Are you guys excited? This is actually the "legit" collaboration post! Plus there will be a GIVEAWAY in the end of this post so stay until the the end of the post lovelies xx

As you've seen in the banner above - thanks to Filia who edited the banner! - it's will be about fashion! (You can click the photos to see it in a bigger size!)


Filia's a fashion designer student as you guys might know so I think it probably will be fun if we do a dress up collaboration!

But even though it's a dress up collaboration, we won't forget to pampering our face before the photo shoot! 
I will be doing Filia's makeup, while she will be doing mine!
Let's take a look shall we?

Filia's and my makeup pouch. I'm such a hardcore Rilakkuma fans!

Our beauty weapons.

My Sephora palette. 
As you guys know, I didn't do eye make up that much but you will be needing it once in a while!



Here's my minimal makeup with only base, concealer and 
cc cream - as well as eyebrows - I feel really pale without my blush on though!

And here's Filia's minimal makeup with only foundation and also eyebrows!
And this is the final results!
Filia's do my make up like a pro! I never do any smokey eyes makeup so this is a new thing for me! What do you think? Do you prefer my usual make up or this one? I'm loving this one to be honest but my boyfriend prefer natural eye makeup so.... 
Thank you so much to Filia for making me looks pretty!

And this is the eye makeup that I do for Filia's! 
I choose natural eye makeup for her since I really love natural eye make up and I think it will suits her! As you can see I use brown color pencil liner so even it looks soft but it can still make her eyes pop out! Doesn't she looks adorable with her big round eyes?

And here's the full face makeup!
After we did our make up, we are getting ready for the photoshoot!

The weather was really good. It was bright and sunny! Just perfect!

The theme of our dress up collaboration is both of us using the same top but we have to mix and match it with different bottoms! So don't get confused if you see the same tops over and over.
Here's the same slip tank that we got from H&M Conscious Collection.

My first outfit called "CLASSY LADY". The reason is because maxi black skirt looks really lady like and looks classy as well. Thanks to Filia, who let me borrowed her hat to complete my look!
It's so windy out here so the hat keeps falling off my head! Urghhh!

My favorite shot!

Sorry for the facial expression lol. Trying hard to control it but oh well...
Hat from FOREVER 21
Slip Tank from H&M Conscious collection

Maxi black skirt from MISS WHO

Clear heels from Style Nanda

Alma BB bag from Louis Vuitton

Acting all candid and stuff lol
And of course, selfieeeeeees!

My second outfit called "HEY SAILOR". The reason is because when you see my skirt, the color is navy blue and navy blue - also the stripes as well - remind me of sailor! Don't you think so? 
Slip tank from H&M Conscious collection
Skirt from MISS WHO
Clear heels from STYLE NANDA

Heart shaped bag from Korea street shop
Bracelet from Indonesian pearls craftmen

Head piece from STYLE NANDA

And also another shots with Filia!

Endless selfies!

My third outfit called "SUMMER PICNIC". The reason is because I think this looks are perfect for summer picnic and the plaid skort remind me of a picnic mat for some reason.
My custom case. HI! My name is CYCY♥

Another favorite shots! Filia said that my hair looks like the one that we usually see on Anime! I think so too!

Slip tank from H&M Conscious collection
Alma BB bag from Louis Vuitton

Watch from LLOYD

Shoes from STYLE NANDA

After such a long day, we decided to have some (late) lunch in this Korean restaurant called D.DELI
Well known, KIMBAB!
We ordered cheese kimbab and bulgogi kimbab.

And Cheese rabbokki. Rabbokki means Ramyeon and Ddeokbokki! 
Ooey Gooey deliciousness!

After we're full, we're heading to this university fair that's being held every Friday and Saturday. They have live music and also you can't miss their "free market" that sells a lot of adorable things in affordable price! 
We were really curious about this booth since she will draw our face in pop art style caricature! So we decided to give it a try. She wrote that she usually being paid KRW 20.000 for one portrait in 해운대 - HAEUNDAE (which is located in Busan as well and it's famous as one of the country's main tourist destinations. It offers Korea's most famous beach too!) and she will only do it for KRW 3000 (black and white portrait) and KRW 5000 (colored portrait) for this fair. Of course, me and Filia were eager to have a pop art portrait of our own and it's only took 10 minutes to finish! 
The beautiful and kind caricaturist!

The caricature example, looks exactly like her! Don't you think so?

It's Filia's turn!

Filia's caricature! So pretty!

And now, it's my turn!

My caricature! Do you think that it's resemble me? 

The best part is that the caricaturist even write a message on my paper!
"귀여워요!" which means "you're cute!"
Awww, I'm flattered! 
She said that, it was here first time drawing foreigner and she will feature us on her blog! 
What a sweetheart!
Our haul from the fair! Yes, we got couple transparent clutch! So pretty right? 

Here's how we style our ootd with the transparent clutch for our final meeting yesterday!
 We just love these adorable clutches!

Editing our photos while drinking milk tea from Filia. Thank you!♥

Us with our caricatures! (Please just ignore our tired face...)

Oopsieee! I almost forgot!

Yes that's right, as I have told you guys yesterday, me and Filia will held a GIVEAWAY!
And not only one winner, but TWO!
Are you guys excited? We are!!!

The winners will get~~~ *drum rolls*

A package of these BRAND NEW babies!

What's Inside the package?

You will get 4 packs of various face masks each.

Etude House's Every Month Cleansing Foam. 
(#8 Blueberry - Revitalizing or #7 Aloe Vera - Soothing Relief.)

Tony Moly's Delight tint.
 (In red or orange color!)

Candies for your finger!
(In gold or silver.)

2 of Innisfree eye shadow.
(One in neutral brown color #23 and one in burgundy #8 & #or peachy pink #7)

(choose one out of 3, or do it all for bigger chances to win!)

1. Make sure you've followed LA PETITE LADY & MY SUGAR COFFEE blog via Google Friend Connect AND bloglovin.
(if you haven't follow our blogs, your entry will not be counted)

Write down your name, email, and out of this six outfits choose which outfit do you like best and why? (click on the photo to see it in a bigger size!)

P.S. If you want to see more of Filia's outfits as well as the details, you can just click here!

2. Follow us on Instagram (@petitecycys and @mysugarcoffee

Repost this picture below on your Instagram and write on the caption: 
"I'm joining @petitecycys and @mysugarcoffee's giveaway! #lapetiteladyXmysugarcoffeegiveaway" 
 Set your account to public! 
(we won't be able to see your entry if your account is a private one.)

3. Post this giveaway on your Blog/Facebook and why you deserve to win.
with the same format + link to your or Blog/Facebook!!

Leave comment in this post or in Filia's post with format:

1st entry, (your name), (your email), *insert which outfit you like best and why?* 

2nd entry, (your name), (your email) posted on my instagram!  
@(your acc name)
For the 2nd entry, you can post maximum 10 entries for instagram photos.
(1 photos counts as 1 entry)

3rd entry, (your name), (your email), posted on my blog! (insert link to your blog post!)

PLEASE post 1 entry in one comment.
 (so if you did 3 entry you should write it in 3 comments to separate them

 The Giveaway is open to INDONESIAN residents only 
starting from today until 31 July 2014 at 21.00 WIB (GMT+7 Jakarta time zone).

2 Winners will be randomly selected and we will announce their names on 1 August 2014.

Winners announcement will be made on Cycy's (@petitecycys) Instagram and Filia's (@mysugarcoffee) Instagram. So make sure you follow our Instagram to find out who will win the giveaway! (That could be you!) 

It also will be announced right here on this blog and also at Filia's blog!

P.S. The prize will be delivered to each winners' address (we will take care of the shipping charge).

Have fun and good luck, ladies xx

Love always,
La Petite Lady

Where to find me :


Jessica Arifin said...

Veryyyy nice kolaborasinyaa!!! Beautifull both of you~~ Love it >O<

agustina said...

I join the giveaway cy :D
Name : Agustina lim
My email :
My IG acc name : @limagustina
I hv follow ur and mysugarcoffee IG account ♡♡ and repost the photo

agustina said...

I join the giveaway step 3 cy
Name : Agustina Lim
Email :
I dont hv a blog so i post it in my facebook
I wish i can win. Xx

Cycys said...

Dear Jessica, hihihi thankyou ciii♥

Anatasia Kamelia said...

New follower here <3

Love your style and blog

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Anastasia, thank you that's just so sweet of you! Happy reading xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Agustina, good luck! xx

imaginarymi said...

Raden, radenayu.pd@gmailcom

Loving the summer picnic outfit.

grescilia said...

i joint the giveaway step 2 :D

My name Grescilia..My Email ... and my IG account is @grescilia ..
and i like "SUMMER PICNIC" outfit..
i like your style in SUMMER PICNIC,it's just like a NEW you cy..
with Slip tank from H&M Conscious collection mix with Skort from the corner shop and ponytail of course..

it really make you so fresh :)..

this is first time i participate in giveaway,and i hope i will WIN !!!

Elvina Yap said...

hi,i'm joining 1st entry,
name: Elvina Yap
IG : @elvinayap
your email :
insert which outfit you like best and why?
- Classy Lady : OMG! you look so gorgeous! i love the style! and that bag hihi<3
- Summer picnic : you look so fresh & cute ^^

Yohana Djong said...

1st entry :
my name : Yohana
my e-mail :

Before I write the comment, please excuse my wrong grammar or verb eonni >< I'm not so good in English hehe.

In my opinion, it is divided into 2 section.
The first one which Cycy eonni had worn and the second one which Filia's eonni had worn.
= Classy Lady = [cycy]
I think the outfit really shows your gorgeous and calm personality if you wear it, it is simple and just using basic colour, white and black, but it gives a refreshing look with the flappy long skirt. It really stands out I think if you go to somewhere just to hanging out, strolling around the city or park or have a date :)

= Slouchy Red = [mysugarcoffee]

The white dress just really blew it out I think! :D and the outer red big size cardigan (I'm sorry if it's not a cardigan) looks really well with the inner. And you used brown belt too! It really match the dress. It looks very elegant (my opinion hehe) and I think you can wear it to family party, when you're dating or use it to campus.

I do hope can win the giveaway cause I've admired you so much Cycy eonni! :) and it's such a inspiration for me to knew your life and your story.

SuperRach Love said...

oh my, what an awesome giveaway especially the nanda mirror! ahah, i love stylenanda :)

I’d really love it if we followed each other :)
Hope you follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
I’d be glad to follow back! Us bloggers should support each other ^_^

SuperRach Love said...

great giveaway :) i love korean cosmetics the most, because of their super duper cute packaging !

I’d really love it if we followed each other :) __________________________________________________
Hope you follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
I’d be glad to follow back! Us bloggers should support each other ^_^

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Imaginarymi, tell us the reason why do you choose that outfit best! :) xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear grescilia, good luck! xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Elvina Yap, good luck! xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Yohana Djong, no worries at all dear! Good luck xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Rachel, I have followed your blog! Follow back? Thanks for reading xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear SuperRach Love, followed you already! :) Follow back? xx

imaginarymi said...

ah sorry I forgot! i think because it fits me the best :D

Claudia said...

Name: claudia
Email :
ig account : @clau.diaa
Personally ,Classy Lady is definitely my favorite . Like the title , it gives off classy vibe . The colors are also simple . I'm a 'keep it simple' person , so ClassyLady really is my style . Black+White= perfect combination

Davina said...

hi! ^^
i'm joining 1st entry
my name : Davina
my e-mail :
my IG : @claudinelsea

i think "summer picnic" is the best outfit that i like. the outfit looks cute and simple, the plaid skirt's model is cute and i really like it. you look match with that outfit.
i've followed your blog

Theresia Syanli said...

♥ 1st entry, Theresia Syanli Octavia,

*outfit I like from is: "Hey Sailor" simply because I like your skirt, your bag is so cute too (>_<) Also I like sailor theme! It's hard to choose actually, to be honest, I also like your shoes from "Summer Picnic" theme.

*outfit I like from is: "Slouchy Red" because I like her cardigan, top, skirt and it's looks nice with the belt & the necklace.

I choose that outfit because it's fit perfectly with both of you :)

+ I've already follow both of you via GFC and bloglovin ^^

GFC: Theresia SyanLi Octavia


♥ 2nd entry, Theresia Syanli Octavia, ^^ posted on my instagram @Theresia Syanli

20/06/2014 :

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Claudia, good luck xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Yunikke. good luck xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Davina, good luck xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Theresia, good luck xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Okay! Good luck xx

yusida rizka olivia said...

GFC: yusidahh
Bloglovin: yusida rizka olivia
name: yusi
My favorite outfit is mono-girl, thats kinda classy and simple. I like it, you can use it when hangout with friends or go to campus but without the hat :p hahaha
second favourit outfit is classy girl, because I love to wear skirt too hahaha and she's looks stunning with that top
hope I can be the lucky one <3 :D

yusida rizka olivia said...

Yusida Rizka Olivia
posted on my instagram @yusidahh !
hope I can be the lucky one <3

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Yusida, good luck! xx

Yohana Djong said...

thankyou ci cycy! hehe :) thats so sweet of you to reply each one of the comments :3

Yohana Djong said...

Hi ci Cycy, its me again
I'm joing the 3rd entry
Name : Yohana
Email :

Posted on my blog! :D

here is the link :

Thank youu so much xx :D

Yohana Djong said...

I'm joining the 2nd entry too! :D
Name : Yohana
Email :
posted on my instagram!


:) hope can win it soooo much! aaaaa XD

amourpixie said...

Name : Cinta

email :

GFC : Cintami Andoko

bloglovin :

love "classy lady" the most !!
you really look so classy like england woman !!
love it !

Cycys said...

Dear Cinta, good luck! xx

Marciella said...

Hi, I'm joining 2nd entry
Name : Marciella Tania
Email :
posted on my instagram!  
Acc name : @marciellatania

Andrea Hamdan said...

1st entry
Name : Andrea Hamdan
Email :
=Cycy's outfit=
"Summer picnic"
*why?* because I'm so damn in love with tartan , and my mouth said wow, when I saw ur tartan... and it is skort ! I thought it was skirt....

=Filia's outfit=
"Slouchy Red*
Because Filia looks like a red riding hood using her long red cardigan . And it's so cuteee <3

Andrea Hamdan said...

2nd entry
Name : Andrea Hamdan
Email :
posted on my instagram !
@deahamdan :)

Andrea Hamdan said...

3rd entry
Name : Andrea Hamdan
Email :
posted on my blog !

Cycys said...

Dear Marciella, Good luck xx

Cycys said...

Dear Andrea, good luck! xx

Yuanita said...

I'm joining ♥ 1

Name : Yuanita Ratna P
email :

I love Cycy's "Hey Sailor" because Cycy looks totally adorable with this look and makes her like an Ulzzang XD ♥

Cycys said...

Dear Yuanita, good luck! xx

Sabrina T said...

I love slouchy red. :) karena red cardigannya yang cantik dan biarpun atasannya tank top tp kesannya anggun. Semi formal.

Nama : sabrina tedokusuma
Email :

Sabrina T said...

Instagram : sabrinatedjo
Nama : sabrina tedjokusuma
Email :

Sophie Anggara said...

1st Entry.

Name : Sophie Anggara
Email :
The outfit I like from La Petite Lady's Blog : "Classy Lady". Why? It has a simple and elegant yet pretty feel - many people got that feel because it has a strong feeling - and it also does not occurs many accessorize. I ever read a book and it said that "Know , first , who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly" and you really know how to adorn this kind of classy style.
The outfit I like from My SugarCoffee's Blog : "Slouchy Red". It has a simple style too and a little bit country feeling maybe ? It just give a comfy looking.


Sophie Anggara said...

2nd Entry.

Name : Sophie Anggara
Email :
Posted on my instagram!

@Sophie Anggara


Sophie Anggara said...

3rd Entry.

Name : Sophie Anggara
Email :
Posted on my blog !

Posted on my facebook via instagram

I really admire at you. You inspires me a lot. thankyou so much!

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