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As I have promised you today on Instagram, I will write a new post about my collaboration with the author of MY SUGAR COFFEE's Filia tonight! We were actually having our final meeting this afternoon and we are ready to show you the best of Korea fashion in this collaboration part 1 post! Are you guys excited?
For those who have been really curious about what it is like to shop in Korea, then this is definitely a must read! 

Having a "professional" meeting with this sweetheart today.

So here I am, writing such a long post for you guys! I hope you guys enjoy this post since we worked really hard for this! Happy reading lovelies! xx

So the first stop is actually Filia's recommendation, called THE CORNER SHOP! (Well, we actually went to H&M first since Filia wants to buy some clothes.) Actually it's my first time visiting this shop too! I have seen this shop for a while but never enter it. I don't know why though hahaha But now, I'm glad that Filia introduced me to this adorable shop. You can find "almost" everything in here! And you will have a lot of dilemma in choosing which one to buy. 

Let's take a look shall we?

Me wandering in the shop for the first time.

Look at those clothes! I want all of them OMG!

The details.

But first let us take a (mirror) selfie.

Me searching through the rack like a BEAST.
"Hmmm... not this one!"

Fall in love with this plaid skort! (skirt&short) 
I actually have been searching for checkered fashion item for a while and this is just perfect! 

 And Filia searching for her favorite item too! We just want to purchase all of them!

She will definitely looks cute wearing those jeans short! Don't you think so?

After we searched the all the racks, we decided to give them a try and just taking some pictures to show you guys. Actually, the clerk have been watching us for a while since we were taking some pictures. But we didn't even care lol. It's really scary guys, seriously! Things that - we - bloggers do for their blog readers are just.... 

Love this skirt soooo much!

Can't stop laughing since everyone keep looking at us in a strange way.

Filia looking pretty in that skirt! I must admit it, it looks really good on her. Major love!

Since Filia is a tall girl, she can fit that kind of skirt easily while I will probably looks like a dwarf. So pretty!

A lot of unique and adorable brooch! Don't you just wanna take all of them home? I'm sure do!

The store is HUGE! They even have a section for man clothes but we were too busy looking at the woman clothes hahaha


Adorable Canvas Bag! Koreans really like using them on a casual event (like when they're going to the university, etc.)

LOTS of snap backs. It's currently a hot trend in Korea!

Filia and me trying out some hats.

Trying out some glasses and I'm looking... silly. I know. HAHAHA.

The second stop will be my favorite shop, MISS WHO!

It actually have the same concept as the previous store that we've just seen but I personally think this store provide cheaper price with a good quality as well!

You can find - again - "almost" everything in here. And it have different type of clothes. Girly, boyish, vintage, you name it.

They even have their own accessory spot. How cool is that?

After we finished shopping, we were very tired and thirsty. We decided to go to a cafe but (almost) all of them were full! Probably because it's kinda a national holiday in Korea and all the cafe became so crowded. But we finally found hidden gem and it's called "CAFE SAGAC". 

Filia went to the counter to place our order. SO hungry and thirsty!

I guess the owner really like LIFE? I saw they put a lot of stuff LIFE related.


Vintage style coffee machine. SO ADORABLE!!!

And here's the session of:


This are what I always put in my bag whenever I go. I always need to bring my EOS lip balm because I have chapped lips and my IOPE cushion for touch up, as well as my Benefit's benetint, benetint lip balm and dior lip gloss! I can't leave my mint candies as well. I just have to eat one of those after I eat something. Comb is also really important for me! Busan is so windy so it will be a disaster if I don't have my comb with me. And yes of course, my smart phone! 


Here's what Filia have in her bag. She always bring her 3CE mini black hand mirror - which is so adorable! -, Nivea lipbalm, Aritaum's Honey Melting tint, cool sunnies, powder, hand cream, and you can't forget her mini size eye drop! Read more about what's in Filia's bag here!

Tons of selcas. It's just a need.

And here's our order! 
Vanilla Latte , Yogurt Smoothie and a Honey Bread for us to shared
Looking yummy, eh?

For those who have been curious about what STYLE NANDA store looks like, we are also showing you a peak of the store. You will probably want to buy all of it - well, I DO! - but I have to say their products are kinda pricey. Good quality though, I won't complaining.

Their 3CE PINK EDITION. So lovely and vibrant!

Trying 3CE products probably will be one of your happiest moment in your life. HAHAHA. 
I'm exaggerating! But oh well, I just love trying out make up in the counter. How about you guys?

Filia's trying out a few products too! We are happy girls!

The beautiful PARK SORA!

I just want to buy all of these but my wallet say "NUH-UH. NO WAY!"

Who loves nail polish? Put your hands up!!!

Their KKXX collection.

 As always, trying out few things from Style Nanda and took some (mirror) selfie - again.

Adorable shop just next to Style Nanda. WE ARE DEFINITELY BROKE.

And after we've done some eye-shopping for clothes, we're continuing our journey by eye-shopping for foods!! 

This is my all time favorite snack in Korea! 
This is more than delicious, I must say.

Adorable chiffon cake in a pot!

Can I eat all of them without getting fat, please?

Well, after a long day.. here's our HAUL!

We had a great time showing you guys a glimpse of Korea clothes shops and as well their foods! 
Remember that the second part of our collaboration will be posted tomorrow so stay tunes because you will regret it if you miss it!



Trust me, you don't wanna miss it lovelies. 
P.S. If you want to see Filia's post for our "lapetiteladyXmysugarcoffee" collaboration part.1 you can click it here!

Well, that's it for today. Since I already finished my final exam, I can finally write something longer and that's also means...

Hope you enjoy this (super long) post and see you in the next post!

Love always,
La Petite Lady

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Filia said...

WOW You definitely write better than i am cy TT_TT very complete! D: haha 수고많았엉ㅠㅠ Tomorrow's a big day! ;)

gabrielatio said...

Kulotnya very pretty~~ i want one too ;;3;;

gitaandreina said...

Skortnya super cuteeeeeee <33 too bad I'd never be able to pull those off :'(
Can't wait for the 2nd part!!

Cynthia Ciputra said...

You definitely write better than me ciiii! Love the way you write yours! And can't wait for tomorrow (today to be exact lol) xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Gabriela, kulot apa sih ciii? :O xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Gita, indeed the skort are just super adorable! Stay tuned for the 2nd part! Btw I have followed your blog gittt follow me back ya! xx

Beauty Foodology said...

Ngeliat 3CE nya stylenanda rasanya pengen ngeborong ♡.♡
Can't wait for the giveaway ^^v

Liona xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear @Beauty Foodology , I feel you but too bad we are just a broke college students lol. Stay tuned for the giveaway! xx

susiehealthychoices said...

Awwww.... you two look adorable in the photos! I can't wait to read more from you! and great post BTW! ^^

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear susiehealthychoices, second part will be posted tonight and we will held a giveaway too so if you live in Indonesia, make sure you didn't miss that out! Thanks for reading xx

susiehealthychoices said...

I know dear... but I live in Portugal, Lisbon! Still, thanks for let me know. ^^

gabrielatio said...

kulot itu rok-tapi-celana hahaha XD

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