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Review || Innisfree Long Wear Cushion

Hey lovelies!
As you guys know, I'm not in Korea right now. Yes, that's right!
I'm currently enjoying my summer break in Indonesia and that's why I have not been active these days!
But don't worry! I will still blog when I have some free time, like... today?

And of course, since Indonesia is tropical country that means everyday is SUMMER. 
Now now, you probably don't want to look that greasy feeling on such a humid day. Even though my skin is a dry skin type, if I apply dewy makeup on such a hot day, the sun will melt my makeup! Which is making my makeup last shorter and lowers the coverage as time goes by! Urghhh, I just hate it when it's happen. 

That's why I'm going to review a special makeup product for summer. Which is...

Innisfree Long Wear Cushion
When you hear the word “Long Wear“, you automatically become interested to try out the product. This product is kinda new in Korea and perfect for the summer humidity since it‘s provide powdery finish to it - as well as the long lasting part!

This product comes in 3 shades: 
#13 Light Beige, #21 Natural Beige, and #23 True Beige. 

They Have 2 type of this cushion, Water Glow Cushion and Long Wear Cushion. Basically Water Glow is for dry skin type and Long Wear is for oily and combination skin. I purchase Long Wear because it's already summer and I already have the same kind of Water Glow cushion which is, IOPE.

BRAND | Innisfree

Product Name | "Long Wear Cushion"

Type of Product | Cushion BB Cream

Price | KRW 20.000 (Refill KRW 12.000)

On the box it said :
 Long-lasting makeup with Long-Wear Complex that's strong against sweat and sebum (oil)
 Leaves the skin feeling smooth, refreshed and soft with an even skin tone that calms pores and bumps.
 With the sebum control powder contained, keep skin looking brighter for longer without looking dark and dull.
● SPF50+PA+++

Mine is in #21 shade, Natural Beige.

Comes with a large mirror and a blue cushion pumps.

Protected seal.

 Watch and savour this moment – it’s when the BB cushion looks the prettiest.

Left - with | Right - without
It almost looks like my own skin!

I found this cushion really interesting. It has a very powdery smooth finish. Like seriously? You can't find that in other cushion products! Other cushion products usually making products for people with dry skin, which is the "dewy moist-full finish". I personally like the dewy finish since my skin is soooo dry but some people who hate dewy finish look because they have oily or combination skin type might just love this product since Long Wear Cushion had no such dewy moist look because I don't feel any greasy feeling. 

People who have dry skin type like me probably thinking that, "What? Powdery finish? It must be very drying for our skin!"

Well, at first I was kinda afraid to give it a try too. But after I tried it, I must say that you are wrong about this product.
If you do the skin care product very moisturizing, you WOULD NOT feel drying with this long wear cushion. Trust me!

Well, okay... maybe a little...

It has a scent that smells like green tea or herbal I must say. I didn‘t mind the smell at all though!

When applied, there's a slight cooling effect. It gives you somehow cool sensation right after you apply it to your face, it's kinda refreshing since it's summer after all! After I apply the product it made a matte result, a little bit powdery. No sticky feeling at all but not that cakey. The coverage is quite good - It is not perfect but it‘s better than any other cushion type products. 
But still, the matte result revealed my pores after a while (and it doesn't looks really attractive). Sometimes it's even looks a bit cakey even though I have apply primer before I apply the cushion! 

I have to say this is my favorite cushion product after IOPE air cushion!

A matte and skin-brightening finish.

Always remember NEVER EVER drag and smear cushion product on your face! Just do A LOT! A LOT OF TAPPING! That's the key to make the product will last longer and make your skin looks flawless!

I hope you like this review and stay tuned for my skin care routine that will be posted soon! I'm still working on it guys! See you guys in my next post!

Love always,
La Petite Lady

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gabrielatio said...

Pengen coba yang waterglow karena kalau pake ini kayaknya kulitku bakal keliatan makin kering hehehe... nice review~^^

Cycys said...

Dear gabrielatio, ia sih ci tp asal di moisturizing-inny bener ga trlalu kering. Susah d touch up aja soalny jd cakey males akuuu huhu xx

Phoebe Limanta said...

It looks super interesting! I've been hearing about these cushion creams for AGES now but it is so hard to get here in Australia!

Great review :)

Phoebe | Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

Cycys said...

Dear Phoebe, if you like matte finish makeup you probably will like this cushion xx

Rosalinda said...

Thanks for the review again Cy! I've always wanted to try cushion make-up! <3 xx

Jessica Arifin said...

Muka aku gretek loh pake ini.. Hahahahaha padahal aku bukan dry skin. Tapi kalo cuaca lagi panasssss bgt pake ini enak, Matte~ hihi

Sylvia C said...

woo~ that's nice

MITCH said...

love the sheep (it's a sheep, right?) emoticon that you used in this post :D thanks for the review!


Mikina Lee said...

The foundation mark many dry areas? I have combination skin :/

Cycys said...

Dear Mikina, yes so it might break down your skin. You just have to moisturize your skin properly before using this :) xx

Elvina Yap said...

hai ci,mau tanya nih iope air cushion bagus banget ya? aku ragu mau beli iope atau laneige T^T

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Mikina, yes so it might break down your skin. You just have to moisturize your skin properly before using this :) xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Elvina, IOPE sih my favorite air cushion so far! I prefer IOPE over laneige sih heheh :) xx

Fei said...

Hi! I chanced upon ur blog to read the review of innisfree cushion (thanks for that!).
Could you please please tell me what song is it that you play on your blog?
Cuz I love it and so frustrating not knowing the title or who sang it!!

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Fei, it's 눈,코,입 - akdong musician :) xx

Fei said...

omg thanks for replying!!! finally i can relieve myself of the crazy curiosity (m___m)
and u changed background song! haha
btw im gonna buy innisfree long wear cushion when i head to korea next week for holiday yay~~ hope it suits my oily skin!

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Since you have oily skin, I think it might suits you well! Have fun and welcome to Korea <3 xx

Ardhya Ramadhanti said...

Hellooo!! I'm so torn to pick between Long Wear and Water Glow cushion! At first I wanted to pick the Long Wear one since I have oily-combi skin but my friend told me that it makes her face looks cakey and kinda patchy after few hours of use! She has oily-combi skin too! o.O but as for Water Glow I'm afraid that it will make my face looks too oily that it shines...or "banjir" as we like to call it:P any reccomendation? Anyway please make a comparison review between them! Thank you soooo muccchhh! <3

Chalwoo said...

You look super pretty ^_^ just like an ulzzang

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