Thursday, October 16, 2014

A visit to (Cafe de) Paris | Cafe de Paris

Hi guys! It's me again after a while of disappearing somewhere!
Today I will talk less since I'm having my mid term test next week.
*Why God... Why?!*

Around 2 weeks ago I'm heading to Gwanganli beach for my documentary project (I'm majoring in mass communication as you guys know) since they have Hanbok Day Festival that day. I guess most of you know what's Hanbok is. Hanbok is Korean traditional clothes! Just like batik to Indonesian people, it's really important for Korean!

This is the bus that I took that day. I took it because it's really unique. Did you notice those plants on the rear windows???
 OMG! The driver is really nice as well. Usually when you took a bus in Korea they have voice recorder playing that telling you what stop is this and what stop is next but this bus driver actually didn't use the voice recorder and saying it through mike like an announcer! He also very kind to his passenger since he always asking "how's your day?" to each person that get on the bus.

And we finally arrived at Gwanganli beach! So pretty, right?


But actually the wind is really strong that day and everyone had a really hard time on the Hanbok Day Festival!

Sometimes I just don't understand this guy...

I was like "that's why you should stop acting silly in public!!!"

Since it's lunch time, we decided to grab something to eat.

Rolling my bangs since the wind blow my hair like crazy.

Our new baby! 

 And here's our foods!

My boyfriend order 갈비탕 | GalbiTang

And I order 해장국 | Haejangguk


After we finish eating, we get back on the track and I'm start filming my documentary project. I was going to borrow Hanbok as well but look at that queue! No, thanks! 
My boyfriend's friends that willing to spare his time to do the interview!
Thank you xx
Moving on! I found this pretty cafe and decided to took some pictures in front of it since it's so pretty!

Oh! Such a cute cafe!

Hmmm... let's see... Shall we go here?

Before we enter the cafe, let's strike a pose first!



Our order: Milk tea. espresso and cheese and oreo cake!

Selfie with oppa! It's tiring to write 'my boyfriend' all the time so I will probably just write 'oppa' from now on. 

I love the vintage vibe this cafe give!

My best shot of him that day. 
울 오빠 잘생겼다 ❤ 

Next stop is 이기대 | Igidae

Come here because I need to take time lapse video for my 1 minute documentary project. It was so windy that day that actually the footage that I recorded can't be used so I need to come here again. WHY OH WHYYY!

Before it's getting darker.

When it's getting darker.

Trying to act cool and stuff.

Hair no! Please cooperate with me!


The night view of Gwanganli bridge. If you come to Busan, make sure you visit this place!

After all the hardship we've been through that day, we decided to have dinner near my university.

Still camwhoring even though I'm tired... #GIRLS
Duck face.

떡볶이 | Tteokbokki

Well that's it for today post! I hope you enjoy this post and see you in my next post.

P.S. Wish me luck for my mid term!

Love always,
La Petite Lady

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