Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review || 3CE Full Cover Concealer

Hi lovelies! 
Today I will posting about 3CE Full Cover Concealer review! Make up review after quite a while, eh? Are you guys excited?

Anyway, this is not my first time purchasing this product. I've purchased it like a year ago and haven't repurchased it since then because I'm already in love with my current concealer which is Benefit's Erase Paste. (I will review about Benefit's concealer too ASAP!)


Product Name | "Full Cover Concealer"
      in #001

Type of Product | Concealer 

Price | KRW 17.900

They have 2 shades for this concealer which is #001 and #002. My skin have a fair complexion so most of the times I always purchased the lightest shade for concealer and foundation, etc.  

Sleek and neat packaging as always.


Important seal.


The applicator is a wand and for me, I like using a wand applicator because you actually didn't need to use brush to apply it. Well, it's not like I don't have any concealer brush but I think it's more easy to apply and you definitely can bring this kind of concealer on a trip!

The swatch. The color looks like milk ivory.
It have the moist creamy texture but it's actually liquid type. 

This is how I apply the concealer on my face. It's a mess I know but it's my way of applying concealer. I usually make an inverted (upside down) triangle shape on my under eyes (those panda eyes tho...) because it's brings out the best result from your concealer. Also I apply some on the edge of my nose and also my chin! 

P.S. Please ignore the hair cap!
After I evening out the concealer.
It have an excellent coverage that cover skin imperfections. It's cover your dark circles, blemishes, freckles (my main problem), and dark spots. Also if you have a dull-looking skin it can help you achieving brighter skin tone!

And this is how I looks after I finishing my makeup. I have an eyebrow again! HAHAHAHA

I have to say this concealer have a great coverage and it's more lightweight than Benefit's Erase Paste concealer (since this concealer is liquid type and Benefit's EP is cream type concealer). Light creamy texture blends easily when it's applied and leave a light, thin layers finishing an all-day wear makeup. I just love how this concealer maintains a bright makeup look for a long time! 

Me with my hair done and change my clothes already. Ready to go to class~


Excellent coverage for flawless skin
Easy to blend in
Have it's own brush applicator
Travel size
Not overpriced
Last long



That's it for the review! 
If there's some product you want me to review, please leave a comment below! 
I would love to hear your suggestion xx
 I hope you enjoy this review and see you guys real soon in my next post!

Love always,
La Petite Lady

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Andrea Hamdan said...

Cool review ! I wanna try the concealer <3



Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Andrea, thankyou dea xx

MITCH said...

The concealer works really well! I'd love a concealer with wand applicator too.


Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Mitch, yeah I think so too! You should give it a try xx

Emi Doll (恵美) said...

Lovely concealer *0*

You look sooo amazing !!

恵美より ♥

Sherli Sukangto said...

nice review for 3CE product. make me wondering to try one too! which one you really recommend? XD

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear emi, thankyou xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Sherli, I actually like their concealer and lipstick the most! Give it a try xx

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