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GyeongJu (경주) getaway❤

Hi everyone! How's your day?

Ah sorry, I fell asleep when I hear your story LOL
Just kidding! I hope you guys are doing just fine!

Anyway, I'm trying to be productive today by writing a new blog post since I have been slacking off lately. Makeup review will be up soon too but this time I will write a post about my short getaway with my boyfriend last month. 

Let's start shall we?

If you've been following my Instagram, you probably noticed I upload a short video of me and my boyfie riding a couple bicycle and also ATV! It was really awesome since it's my first time riding them. 

Here's a few shots of us riding the couple bicycle.

Where's this place? Yes, it's not Busan. It's another province in Korea called, 경주 (GyeongJu). Gyeongju is famous for their GyeongJu bread (경주빵) so if you're paying a visit here, make sure to purchase them and give it a try!

First stop is Millennium Park. This park show Korea traditional culture so if you are interested in Korea culture you probably want to check this place out!

Thankfully, we went on such a good weather!
So here's a never-ending dancing smiling potato to show how happy I was back then.

Boyfriend posing with his Chinese zodiac, Tiger.

Me with my Chinese zodiac, Dog.

What's your Chinese zodiac guys?



Took some photos before we entering the park!
(Yes, we use tripod lol)

Please grant our wish!

Knock-knock! Anyone's there?

No one answer so let's just peep!!!

Since the weather is really hot, we bring this fan (but it's not automatic so you have to twirl it over and over again. Ughhhh!

Drama performance. Really cool and unique! All of the player wearing Korea traditional clothes as well.

Convenience store. So unique right?

After we watched the performance, we are decided to create our own ceramics plate.
Me looking all nervous and stuff but the grandpa is really nice and kind! He keeps saying "wow, you're good!" and "keep up the good work!" when I'm actually sucks a big time hahaha.

Now is the fun part! Designing your own plate! I'm not really good at art, I must say...

Doing all my best!

And after a while I kinda give up and told my boyfriend to do it for me since he's much better in art than me.

Here's the result!

Boyfriend was like, "let's stamp our thumbs onto the plate!" and it's such a failure HAHA

Well, at least we had so much fun!

So the plate will be finish in 3 weeks and they will send it to your home right away. Ours already arrived but I haven't see it yet since it was delivered to my boyfie's home.

My new boyfriend. Looking cute right?

Do we look alike?

He's trying to mimicking the pose of this clay doll but..... I don't even know what kind of pose is that...

HAHAHAHAHA I can't stop laughing every time I saw this picture of him!


Acting all cute #throwup

After we finish sightseeing, we decided to take a bus to out next stop which is LOVE CASTLE! 

If you've been to Jeju Island and taking a tour, you've probably have heard about this. It's for adults so kids are not allowed. A few years ago when I first visited Korea with my family, I didn't visit this museum so when I went to GyeongJu and heard that they have this museum, I'm pretty curious. So we ended up giving it a try!

Colorful butt

It's like in the 19's movie where they have this scene.

Such a cutie! I was like, "KISS HER IN THE LIPS!!!!"

And he did it in the end...

Well, after all it was quite fun but I won't come there ever again. You can't take any pictures inside the museum so I can only show you the outdoor park.

And here's just some test shot.

Anyway. have you guys heard about Popin Cookin? 
Well, it's Japanese candy but you have to make it from scratch which is a lot of fun! 
I accidentally stumbled these Popin Cookin candy kit and I decided to bought 2 types of it. It's quite pricey for a candy, 5.000 won but why didn't give it a try?
Here's the Popin Cookin packacing looks like. I bought the sushi and donuts version.

Epic Failure!!!
And don't ask me about the taste... 
It's awful...
At night when we finally arrived at Busan, we decided to make the donuts version.

Well, this one actually taste better than the sushi one. Taste just like a real donuts but in a bite size! And easier to make than the sushi one.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this blog post and see you in the next one.

Love always,
La Petite Lady

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Cute photos, looks like you guys had a great time :) x

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