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How did you meet your significant other?

If you're in a relationship, how did you meet your significant other? 
Here's our story from almost 2 years ago...

Now, do you ever worry that you won't meet your soul mate?
When I was single, I felt the same way. I was meeting lots of people--but no one I really wanted to date. And the guys I did like already had girlfriends (or just weren't interested, sad). My mom kept telling me that I would definitely end up with someone fabulous and that I shouldn't worry so much. She said she was 100% sure and that it was normal to worry but that I didn't need to. But it was easy for her to say--she was already blissfully married! Plus, Korea seemed like the roughest place to date: You're always surrounded by beautiful and skinny girls (honest-to-goodness perfect-skinned girls), and the guys you meet seem to either be in a relationship or a little nuts.

Once I met SooHong, I realized that I was silly to have worried so much. We're all such smart, funny and wonderful people, and so many people would be lucky to have us. Why does it often take a relationship to realize that? Plus, as my mom says, "It only takes one person to have met the love of your life!" A while ago, I heard another great quote: "If you knew you were going to meet the love of your life in one year, how different would that year be?" That awesome quote reveals how much we sometimes worry about our dating lives when we could be relaxing and enjoying other parts of our lives.

P.S. What's your relationship status? What are your dating woes? Do you ever worry that you're never going to find your soul mate? Do you think your city plays into it? If you're in a relationship, how do you feel now? I would love to hear about it xoxo

One humid summery morning, someone who works in my University (he is Korean) - let's call him Mr. M - said that he want to introduced someone to me and obviously he is a guy. I was thinking, I have nothing to do and there's nothing wrong to expand your connection (plus I love meeting new person!). So the next day, I am on my way to meeting Mr. M and his friend but fortunately I'm not alone since there're my friends as well. We were a bit late (Indonesian are always late lol) and we were just talking to each other when all of a sudden, a handsome bespectacled guy walked in. He was completely my type, and I knew I wanted to get to know him more. So we finally arrived in this cafe called "Ododoc". We didn't talk much at our first meeting since I was so shy but our first conversation was about how he is a photographer and he is going to Yeosu by tomorrow. Nothing really special on that day except he keeps taking photos of me which make me blushed! I'm tring really hard not to blush okay.. At the end of the day, we said goodbye and I gave him a lingering glance, while we changing our phone number.

Well, What happened next?

Sadly, as I said before he is going to Yeosu for one week or so by tomorrow so we didn't meet for a while after our first meeting and I was busy with my TOPIK exam as well. We sometimes chat but he doesn't show any signal that he's interested in me. Which is sad but I realized that he's 27 (when we first met - now he's 29) and I was 19 which is probably why he won't be into me. But still I enjoyed talking to him since he's so funny and always can put a smile on my face just by chatting! 

When he finally came back to Busan, he text me and said that he want to gave us (me and my friend) a present from Yeosu. That's very thoughtful of him! Too bad all of my friends didn't have the time to take the present so I went to receive their present as a substitution. And good things come to those who wait patiently! He asked me to go out and watch movie with him! I still remember what movie it was. It was "Dark Knight" and I haven't watch it as well! So I said,  yeah I would love to go to a movie with you! 

This is where it sounds a little bit lovey dovey. We were watching the movie and at one point, our hands brushed, which made my heart race. And I was so embarrassed that I have to go to the restroom. The movie was really awesome but my heart was in my throat as we watched the movie together. 
But I don't think this is our first date since it's NOT our first date. We were just watching movie as a friend back then, I think?

A week after that he told me that tomorrow he is going to participate in this flash mob in Haeundae Beach. I was really confused at that time because he didn't literally invited me so I didn't thinking to pay him a visit there but by the next day he was asking me "will you come today?" and I was like still lazying around in my bed! So I asked all my friends did they want to seeing his flash mob but unfortunately everyone was busy - again - so I had a really hard time in deciding should I go or not. In the end I decided to go, yes, all by myself. *cries* The reason why I was scared to go alone is because I still didn't know how to go there and so on but well I guess love is stronger that anything, eh? 

Unfortunately, when I've arrived the flash mob was already started so I just see a glimpse of it but it's still worth it! He looks soooo adorable! hahaha He was shocked to see me there though because he didn't think I would come. I'm pretty shocked my self until this day! After the flash mob came to an end, we just went and play arcade game, we also went to a cafe where he used to go a lot back then. We spent our evening getting to know each other. 

Then he walked me home and I was really curious whether is he smoking and drinking beer a lot like a normal Korean guys? Well, I'm not judging everyone who smoke and drink a lot of beers but one of my boyfriend material shouldn't smoke and drink (well, sometimes you can drink but not a lot). And guess what?


And he jokingly asked me, "do I look like someone who smoke and drink a lot??" 

That makes me like him even more but I thought to myself, we will never ever getting together anyway.
So he walked me home again and I was really tired that day so I'm intended to take a nap right away when suddenly he text me, "are you free tomorrow? If you are free, let's go on a date with me :)"

And I'm happy and shocked at the same time! Is this some kind of joke or what?
But fortunately he said it wasn't a joke - if it's a joke I will probably kick his butt lol - and we went to a temple the next day. Yes it's our first date and he pick the best place for out first date! It's really show how considerate of him :)

When we arrived, we just had our lunch in a famous restaurant near the temple



So after we already feeling full, we decided to entering the temple but it was quite far from the restaurant since you have to hiking a bit hahaha but this is when things got sweeter. He hold my hand and didn't let go that whole day which is really sweet I think?
 And he's treating me like his girlfriend even though we're not a couple.

Let me show you our first date spot!

 Isn't it beautiful?

After we finished sightseeing we went to my University area and went to a cafe. And it was pretty awkward because I don't know what should I say and he is the same way when finally he asked me "Do you like me?" and I was like duh-uh of course isn't it obvious enough but I just said that "Uhmm... yeah I guess I like you enough to go on a date with you? *goofy laughing*" And he was all smiling and asked me again "나랑 사귈래?" which means "would you want to be my girlfriend?" and well yes that's how we officially dating :P

Another funny thing was, since we both really liked each other, we were searching for signs during the date that the other person was (or wasn't) into it. I got nervous when he didn't hold my hand in the movie and he later admitted that he thought the date was shot when I didn't lean on his armrest at the movie, but instead leaned toward the other side. So funny how nervous people can be when first dating!
Needless to say, it worked out, despite the armrest gaffe.
To be honest, a lot of people have been asking me "what does it feels like to date a Korean guy?" Well, of course there are language barrier, different culture, and of course our age gap is quite big (8 years age difference) so it's like we have generation gap since I'm 90's generation and he's 80 generation lol. But all of those barrier can't stop you from loving somebody. Age is just a number. You can learn their language and they can learn yours. For culture, just make sure that you are open to the possibility that you two will have cultural differences, due to your differing beliefs, habits and practices. Because of the cultural differences between the two of you, there will be a big possibility that you will not get along well, which can lead to conflicts and arguments. It is difficult for a relationship to last if the two people involved have different views and approach in life. Also I knew that in Korea, dating a foreigner is still a taboo because of the older generation but it's changing gradually so I was lucky that's my boyfriend parents are really open minded :)  

"I have memorized your smile. The way the right side of your mouth creases at the corner and the rest of your mouth follows, lighting your whole face up. 
I know how you talk, the things you say most often, how your voice sounds at 3am or when you've just woken up. 
I know what books you like to read, I know what type of music you listen to, I know that sometimes you are afraid. I know that you worry about me, despite me telling you that you shouldn't.
I know you tickle me because you think the noise I make is cute.
You are so beautifully flawed. You have made mistakes, and I know that. I accept you for who you are and I will never ask you to change. I love you."


Well, I hope you are enjoying this long post about how I met my boyfriend! Sorry if it's boring and there's not much pictures since we didn't took a lot of pictures back then (we were shy okayyy hahaha). See you on my next post! Stay tuned xx

P.s. What about you guys? What did you do on your first dates with your main squeezes (or past boyfriends/girlfriends)? I'd love to hear about it xoxo

Love always,
Petite Little Lady

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Cy! It was a great read, and very sweet too! Wish you all the best with your boyfriend!

Cindy Yang said...

haha, you know, i always love your post. whatever it is. haha. since i find out that you're medan lang, im so excited. hehe *im sorry to be awkward like this*.
im waiting for your next post cy. 😊

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Anonymous, Thank you for reading as well xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Cindy Yang, glad that you love my post! And I'm not literally medan lang, my parents are but still I have medan lang blood in mine ;) and stay tuned for more xx

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet...omg keep blushing while reading ur story...

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Anonymous, hahaha that's just so sweet of you. Glad that you are enjoying our story xx

Cia Wenda said...

I had the same thought like u before until i met my husband he is the first , i never ever in a relationship until my 20's, i really worried and i was thinking like is there anything wrong with me??mostly my highschool mate had a boyfriend, within the group me the only single one.hahaha but i have one quote :"semakin kau mencari ny semakin kau tak mendapatkannya "and it worked..

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Cia Wenda, wow congrats! Glad that you have found the one! Happy marriage for you and your husband xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Cia Wenda, wow congrats! Glad that you have found the one! Happy marriage for you and your husband xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Anonymous, hahaha that's just so sweet of you. Glad that you are enjoying our story xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Cindy Yang, glad that you love my post! And I'm not literally medan lang, my parents are but still I have medan lang blood in mine ;) and stay tuned for more xx

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear Anonymous, Thank you for reading as well xx

Lintang said...

OMG this is so sweet and idk shedding tears suddenly lol~~ such a sensitive person xD i'm happy for you, all the best with your boyfriends. My friends already found their couple, but not with me. I've enjoying myself right now and focus to graduate from uni. I believe that everyone has their own couple, so yeah let's see what happen next to me :D
Sering-sering post soal ini yaaa. Such a sweet story :D aku kaya baca ff :p hahaha

Angel Li said...

Hello cycy. Well i just realize. We have same age as well. I'm 94lines too. ^^ so its ok that i call you by name only? I'm from indonesia too. North sumatra exactly. I'm also chinese. Nice to know you. i like the story very much. So sweet! Anyway i already follow you're IG. Awesome picture! Well wish you two longlast forever. I saw at your post in IG. Have prewed photoshoot? Amazing!! Congratz cycy ^^ hope we can be friends. *^▁^*

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