Tuesday, May 13, 2014

You didn't scream for Ice cream. You scream for Tokyo Banana!

Hi guys! So today will be a very brief post about what I did last weekend with my boyfriend. Nothing in particular actually, we just ate Sushi since I've been craving to eat sushi and I can't stop talking about sushi when I'm on the phone with my boyfriend.

 In the end, even though my boyfriend didn't really like sushi, he told me that we're having a sushi feast on the weekend. How sweet is that? 

Oh, yeah. Reading the title for this post you probably thinking "hey, where's my Tokyo Banana review?!"
I know I know please just bear with it for a second okay! We will get into that topic before you even know it! *wink*

Of course we took a lot of pictures while having our sushi feast. Enjoy!

We went to this restaurant called "갓파스시" (Katpaa sushi). 
This is the only sushi restaurant in Busan that really suit my cup of tea.

Munching while waiting for my sushi to be arrived ;)

Enjoying myself

Here, say "aaaaahhh~"

Can I poke you? Can I? Can I? 

Poor boyfie :( He didn't like eating sushi (or anything raw) but he forced himself to eat with me *cries*

After we ate sushi, finally the review about Tokyo Banana! If you don't know what Tokyo Banana is let me explain! Tokyo Banana is a small, banana-shaped cake with a very strongly banana-flavored cream filling inside it. If the cake was also banana flavored, I couldn’t say. All I could taste was the overwhelming cream; I could really say that I'm a fan of banana flavoring - probably that's one of the reason why I drink Banana Milk every day! - so this Tokyo Banana really satisfy me!

P.s. thank you for my friend (he just came from his trip to JAPAN) who gave me these delicious babies as I've been curious about this banana cake for a while! Well, I know that I can purchase Tokyo Banana in Indonesia online shop but to be honest I didn't shop from Indonesia online shop (well, maybe sometimes :P) since my mom didn't want to me to become impulsive - when I start shopping online I just lose controls of myself - but now I really want to purchase a box (oh well, or maybe two) of these delicious babies!

The original one (left) and the caramel one (right)

Choose one!

4pcs box: 483 円 (yen)
8pcs box: 1029 円 (yen)
12pcs box: 1543 円 (yen)
16 pcs box: 2057 円 (yen)

I taste the original one first. It smells very BANANANY (I don't know if this is even a word)
 It's kind of soft sponge cake with banana custard filling! Yum yum!!!

Generous banana custard filling!

P.s. anyway I eat this with my boyfriend since he really want to give it a try as well. 

4pcs box: 515 円 (yen)
8pcs box: 1080 円 (yen)
12pcs box: 1595 円 (yen)
They don't have 16 pcs box for this flavor and this one is more expensive than the original one. 
It's understandable though since the design are cuter as well hahaha

The second one looks so adorable. It's looks like cat tail omggg! *breathing hard*


Well, both does taste good but to be honest I prefer the caramel one than the original one.
Next time when I visiting Japan, I probably gonna buy the other flavors since I'm pretty hooked up!
My boyfriend said it was pretty good too ;)

Click to check out Tokyo Banana website here

Oh by the way I heard that this Tokyo Banana must be consumed in 7 days so you can't keep it too long. Awww :(

Well, I hope you enjoying this post and see you on my next post!

P.s. leave me a comment and tell me what do you want to see on my next post xx

Love always,
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