Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Give it a whirl

Hi guys! 
So here I am writing a new post while drinking my hot cocoa. Today is so damn cold, I thought it should be warmer by now but Busan is a windy town since it's located near the sea and my University is located quite up high so the wind is just, well how can I say it, crazy!

Enough about the weather forecast, how's your day? Mine's pretty good despite of all the homework and project that's still waiting for me! (deep breath)

So you guys must be wondering where did I went for my 4 days holiday! No? Hmm well I'm still gonna tell you anyway hahahaha!
I didn't go outside Busan so I basically just having a quality time with my boyfriend. We cook together, watching movies, go to supermarket together, shopping, etc.

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But not only that, I also went to the temple called 범어사 (Beomeosa) with my boyfriend and it's actually my first time visiting Beomeosa temple! I have been to a various temple but I have to admit this temple is really beautiful and breath taking! I will show you guys in a while *wink*.

Why did I went to the temple? It's because on 6th May, Korea's held Buddha's birthday celebration in every temples. But my boyfriend was worried that it will be too crowded if we come on the exact date so we visit the temple one day earlier! Thanks to my boyfriend clever strategy, there's not that crowded in the temple so we managed to took some photos!


On our way to take a bus.

The place where you can hang yellow ribbon with your written message on it
for the Sewol Ferry accident (South Korean Ferry) victims :(

You can get the yellow ribbon for free here :)

Look closer! He held a little bird in his hands! (awww)

Deep Condolences

Tying our ribbons

We also prayed for those who died in the accidents :"( 

So heartbreaking...

We decided to strolling around and took some photos

Can you believe that all of these are made from paper? Cool!

OOTD shots

We just have to took some photos with the paper art as well!
"Happy Birthday, our beloved Buddha"

Boyfie acting all fishy (If you know what I mean)

And of course we have to took some photos with the lanterns as well!

After we had our lunch, we continue exploring the temple. It's pretty big!

These beauties!

 Couple shots!

How we get our couple photo done :P
(I wish we have a private photographer who will took our photos on our date though,
like a date snap kind of things)

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, 
concentrate the mind on the present moment.” - Buddha 

Too pretty! I wish I can hang one in my room :(

After we done exploring the temple we passed through a booth to make a bracelets. I have been asking to my boyfriend non-stop where do those kids get those bracelets and finally we found the place. 

Since foreigner and kids are allowed to make this, I got a chance to make one too! 
Unfortunately, Korean adults can't make one though. 
Now I'm really grateful that I'm not Korean lol

Well, this is called 떡 (Ddeok) in Korean or you can call them rice cakes. If you have tried Tteokbokki before you know what they taste like! (Except this one is not spicy or sweet) 
We basically just stamping the rice cakes so it's changed into a flower shaped one!

So chewy and yummy!

Cutie Pie <3

Well that's a wrap! Thank you for reading this super long post! 
Hope you guys enjoy reading it ;)

Oh an by the way the next post will be about a little coffee shop that I found really interesting to share with you guys! So stay tuned xx

Love always,
Petite Little Lady

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fietry ricania said...

꺄~~~~~~~너무 이뻐 :* 나도 남자친구랑 가고시표 흑흑흑

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear fietry ricania, 가면 되징!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아니면 나랑 같이 가 ㅋㅋㅋ

Cynthia Ciputra said...

Dear fietry ricania, 가면 되징!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아니면 나랑 같이 가 ㅋㅋㅋ

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